The North Within

Let the plants support you and guide you back to the wild nature inside of you, let them guide you to The North Within . . .

Alida Asher and Wildwood Spirit teamed up to create a magically wild deck of oracle cards inspired by the northern landscape we live in and fueled by our passionate belief that every human on this Earth carries within them a seed of wilderness that only waits to be brought into the light of awareness to germinate and unfurl.

We are still in the process of developing this card deck, with the intention to launch in August 2024, and will share updates with you over the next few months. What we can tell you now, is that this deck will be developed over several years and that we will release the cards with their guidance leaflets starting this fall in form of a monthly subscription, with different options to chose from. To stay in the loop, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and to sign up for The North Within Newsletter. We like it quiet, so we promise, we’ll only write when it matters 😉

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What this deck is all about…

The web of life that surrounds us all and of which we humans are an integral part of, is always there to support us, to offer us guidance and wisdom, and to help us heal ourselves. Plants are the wise elders of this web and have much to share with us, through their physical, energetic, and spiritual beings. We have created this deck to weave herbalism, plant spirit wisdom, and the healing beauty of nature together to help you connect to the wild within you and the loving plant elders of the northern realms.

It is something that wanted to come through and be, the plant spirits rather insistently nudging us to materialize this energy, this dream, and we are humbly trying to do their voices justice.

Each card depicts a plant of the northern wilderness we live in and is accompanied by a guidance leaflet with medicinal properties, plant spirit wisdom, and guidance, as well as associations. The cards can be used as oracle cards, to connect to the plant spirits through meditation or simply to learn about these plants and brighten your day with their inspiring beauty. The pyrography artwork is created by the magical and talented Alida Asher. Her drawings are inspired by the plants she lives with, their personality and energy, and by what they chose to channel through. The writings of the guidance leaflets are composed by the wildly enchanted and ethereal Sylvie Gewehr, who merely puts to paper the wisdom shared by the plants through working and meditating with them.

Who are we?

Alida grew up in the Yukon wilderness and has been blessed to spend a big portion of her life working as a remote wilderness guide all over northern Canada in a variety of settings, from extended horse-back trips and wilderness therapy to climbing and geology and forestry surveys. The wilderness is her home, her deepest love and her biggest source of joy and inspiration. She drags everyone she knows out there with her to try to help them touch and access the immense support and lightness she finds out there. This greatly inspires her work as a pyrography artist as she strives to create pieces that enable others bring a little piece of that wild magic and dynamic peace home with them.

Sylvie roamed European country sides in her childhood and there, had her first plant encounters and started down on the herbalism path. Over the years, she gradually wound her way to the Yukon and the Kluane mountain region she now calls home. Plants always remained an integral part of her life and she never stopped learning about, with, and from these beautiful beings. Amongst other things, human schools taught her biology, forest ecology, traditional herbalism, holistic healing, and sacred plant medicine. Most days, you’ll find her roaming the woods with twigs in her hair or meditating with a nice warm cup of herbal tea, when she isn’t trying to find ways to help people connect to the plant world.