Plant Walks

Come, explore the Wildwood, and let the magic of plants heal your body and soul…

Join me for plant walks through the beautiful Yukon wilderness, right here, at the base of the majestic St. Elias Mountains, and discover the multitude of edible and medicinal plants growing in the woods and meadows of Kluane country.

Looking at plants

The boreal forest abounds with nourishing and healing plants, which we will discover together on this walk. You will learn about more than a dozen plants, their medicinal properties, which parts to use for medicine and/or food, when the best time to harvest them is, and how to use them. We will discuss how to identify these plants, how to practice ethical wildcrafting, and how to connect to the plants and the ecosystem in which they grow. And even if you do not live in a boreal environment, don’t hesitate to join us, a lot of what you’ll learn will be useful to you back home too. You’d be surprised how many plants can be found all across the Northern Hemisphere!

The walk will end with some samplers of the herbs we met on the trail and I strongly encourage you to bring a travel mug or other drinking container, to help keep the amount of waste down.

The trails we’ll go on are not challenging, but require sturdy footwear. Also, make sure to come prepared for changing weather conditions, as we will go meet the plants rain or shine. Walks will only be cancelled in case of extreme weather. Bring some water, light snacks, and a can of bear spray if you have one.

A handout will be available listing some of the plants we discovered on our walk, their medicinal and energetic properties, and how to use them, and of course you can also bring a pen and paper to take notes of your own. There’s always so much to learn when it comes to herbs!

Plant walks can be booked in advance for groups up to 12. Walks that are booked in advance for groups can also be given in German or French, just let me know what your preference is. Please use the Contact Form or email me at to make a group booking.

Dates & Locations

Friday afternoons at the Spruce Beetle Trail from June 16 to August 4, 2023 (except July 7):

  • June 16 – 3:30pm to 5pm
  • June 23 – 3:30pm to 5pm
  • June 30 – 3:30pm to 5pm
  • July 14 – 3:30pm to 5pm
  • July 21 – 3:30pm to 5pm
  • July 28 – 3:30pm to 5pm
  • August 4 – 3:30pm to 5pm

I will be at the trailhead at 3:15pm to meet and greet everyone and make sure we are ready to go at 3:30pm.

The Spruce Beetle Trail is located 15km west of Haines Junction on the Alaska Highway. Note that there is an outhouse in the parking lot and the trail is not wheelchair accessible.

Tickets: $20 cash at the trailhead or book in advance online (please note that Eventbrite charges additional fees). There will also be the possibility to reserve your spot in person at the Farmer’s Market.

Meet Your Guide

My name is Sylvie and I am a trained herbalist and plant biologist and have over 20 years’ experience wildcrafting and using medicinal herbs. I have worked for Parks Canada in Kluane National Park & Reserve for several years and have called the boreal forest home for the last 15 years. I am fluent in English, German, and French, and will be able to answer your questions in any of those languages. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and talking plants with you!