Brain Candy



Whether you are going through an intense study session or a stressful day at work, this glycerite may just be what your brain needs. The herbs in this blend gently stimulate, focus, and soothe the mind. And they are wonderfully tasty, a real treat for you and your brain!


Give it a shake and add 3 to 8 droppers full (3-8ml) to water, milk, tea, coffee, your smoothie or anything you like.

Glycerites are an alcohol-free alternative to tinctures. They naturally taste sweet without any sugar.


Food grade vegetable glycerin* and spring water infused with: Cacao Beans*, Skullcap Leaves & Flowers**, Rama Tulsi Leaves**, Lemon Balm Leaves*, Love**.


**grown on Wildwood land

Store away from heat and direct sunlight.

Made in Haines Junction, Yukon.

Medicinal Properties

Cacao is known to be a stimulating brain and nervous system tonic. Skullcap is used to calm stress and anxiety, without causing drowsiness. Rama Tulsi clears and aligns the mind and spirit. And lemon balm is soothing to the nervous system, while promoting cognition.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the CFIA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a health care practitioner if you are pregnant or have any medical conditions.

Additional information

Weight / Volume

120ml, 60ml